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Nicholas (Nick) Ceppi, Founder and Principal Consultant

Nicholas (Nick) Ceppi

Founder and Principal Consultant

Nick Ceppi has over 40 years of experience as a senior-level marketing expert. His career spans 35 years as the principal/owner of a marketing services agency serving Fortune 500 companies in packaged goods, financial services, pharmaceutical (both human and pet), and the automotive market. He has spent the last 22 years serving clients in the pet products marketplace, initially as their marketing agency of record and subsequently as the SVP of a leading manufacturer of all-natural pet foods and treats company. His responsibilities span all aspects of the marketing function, including launching new products, developing the packaging, and legally-sound product claims. A natural outgrowth of his job provided an understanding of the regulatory and registration requirements of the 48  State DOAs. He is current on the requirements of the USDA, AAFCO, FTC and FDA as well as the changes being driven by the ongoing implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act. He saw the need for a service company to make the job of registration and reporting convenient, cost-effective, and simple and created petfoodregistration.com . Over the last several years, Nick has pulled together a team of professionals with expertise in all of the areas needed to ensure your registration, packaging, and product claims withstand regulatory scrutiny.


Evelyn Cadman, Principal Consultant - FDA Compliance Simplified

Evelyn Cadman

Principal Consultant - FDA Compliance Simplified


petfoodregistration.com maintains working relationships with various experts to meet the development and regulatory review needs of the product being taken to market. Virtual teams are created to ensure the experts you need are on your team.

About FDA Compliance Simplified

PFR is affiliated with FDA Compliance Simplified, a division of Cadman Consulting Services, LLC., a practice owned and operated by Principal Consultant Evelyn Cadman. Evelyn Cadman is a recognized expert in product development, regulatory compliance, and labeling services for FDA and USDA-regulated consumer products.

Evelyn provides extensive experience in regulating and labeling human and pet food. She has also worked extensively with cosmetic product labeling, beverages, over-the-counter drug, and medical device labeling.

Evelyn recently authored and edited chapters on dietary supplement, cosmetic and food regulations in Fundamentals of US Regulatory Affairs, 8th Edition, and a chapter on food labeling in Nutritional Genomics: The Impact of Dietary Regulation of Gene Function on Human Disease

She started FDA Compliance Simplified after 15 years working in FDA-regulated industry.  Since then she has served hundreds of dietary supplement, food, cosmetic and device companies from around the globe.

 As the need dictates, FDA Compliance Simplified and petfoodregistration.com work together to help our clients successfully bring pet food products to market in a complex and changing regulatory environment.

 Learn more about Evelyn and FDA Compliance Simplified at www.fdasimplified.com